DEFYING GRAVITY (2008) - feature length dramedy written and produced by Lisa Savy. Directed by Michael Keller and starring Willam Belli who won a Best Supporting Player award.

DEFYING GRAVITY appeared in 12 film festivals and won 6 awards including Best Narrative Feature, Director's Choice, Best Story/Writing.

A runaway girl who lives in a cemetery is befriended by the cemetery caretaker (an undocumented Mexican), a transvestite waitress, and a homeless young man haunted by mathematical and religious delusions.

Distributed by Monarch Films.

WORLD OF WARGAMES (2010) - dramatic short film written and produced by Lisa Savy. Co-produced by and starring Iyad Hajjaj.

Two elite units of warriors employ a unique high tech means of settling an international conflict. The fate of the free world will be determined by a single battle of wits and skill.

WORLD OF WARGAMES appeared in 4 film festivals: AOF International Film Festival 2011, Fallbrook Film Festival 2011, SOAPIFF 2010, and Secret City Film Festival 2010.

NOT IN MY BACKYARD (2011) - dramatic short film written and co-produced by Lisa Savy. Produced by, starring, and directed by Iyad Hajjaj.

Middle-Eastern high school math teacher AMIR encounters small town prejudice when he is hired to prep the 6-student math team for a shot at the International Math Olympiad. His unlikely ally and mentor is Jewish teacher SABRA.

When Amir gets involved in the local Islamic Center's quest to build a mosque, he finds his job in jeopardy and must decide whether his loyalties lie with his passion for religious freedom, or the students who have bonded to him.

NOT IN MY BACKYARD has appeared in the 2011 Temecula Valley International Film Festival.

RED ANGEL DRAGNET (2014) - dramatic short film produced by Lisa Savy. Written and directed by Adam Davis.

In this alternate history set in the Reagan era, the zombie apocalypse has come and gone. The remaining humans and zombies have learned to scavenge and avoid one another in order to survive.

Loner ZED comes across a quartet of seemingly harmless zombies and must decide whether to defend them against a ragtag zombie extermination team ... and a religious zealot who aims to baptize the zombies by more fire than brimstone.

RED ANGEL DRAGNET is a unique collaboration between Balancing Act Pictures and the students and faculty of Nevada State College. It premiered at the Las Vegas Film Festival July 2014 and was an official selection of the Nevada Women's Film Festival in March 2015.

DEAD REUX (2014) - feature length sci fi thriller written and produced by Lisa Savy; executive produced and starring Eric Sparks. Associate produced by April Kagan.

A former Air Force officer wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world and finds that he is rapidly decaying - and that someone wants him more dead than he already is.

LOVE, PANCAKES, AND THE HUMAN CONDITION (2016) - short comedic film written, produced and directed by Lisa Savy. Starring Ben Stobber and Megan Fabyan Campbell.

The relationship of a married couple is traced from first blush of romance to the quiet grace of old age, related through the filter of a Sunday breakfast ritual.

DREAMS I NEVER HAD (2016) - dramatic feature film written and associated produced by Lisa Savy. Executive produced and starring Iyad Hajjaj. Featuring Malcolm McDowell and Robin Givens. Directed by Mahmoud Kamel.

A teenage girl is held captive in the home of a wealthy family. She is befriended by the family's young gardener, himself an illegal from Mexico. Their friendship carries both of them through their hopeless, sequestered lives and ultimately inspires them to break free.

THE PRINCIPAL'S BAD DAY (2016) - dramedy short film executive produced and written by Lisa J. Savy. Produced, Directed by, and Starring Ron Becks. Featuring Lolly Boroff.

Running a high school in Las Vegas is definitely a gamble. On the last day of school, Principal Carl Dubois must deal with parents threatening a lawsuit, a risque social media video, and a brilliant valedictorian who might not graduate because she can't pass the English proficiency exam.

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