SPACE CAPTAIN AND CALLISTA (2019) - feature length dramedy written and executive produced by Lisa Savy. Directed by A.R. Kagan and starring stage/screen actor Ben Stobber

Featuring iconic stage/screen actor Gil Gerard (of Buck Rogers in the 21st Century fame); breakout acting/singing talent Gigi Cesarè, and model/actress Corinna Jones.

SPACE CAPTAIN AND CALLISTA was a joint production with GotFilms, Las Vegas's premiere production company.

SYNOPSIS: A young man with Asperger's Syndrome, under the shadow of his overprotective mother, wants to live independently. A tough-as-nails teen girl has a troubled, chaotic home life. Their unlikely friendship is tainted by outsiders' suspicions and accusations.

SPACE CAPTAIN was nominated for Best Feature Film and Best Nevada Feature at the 2020 Nevada Women's Film Festival.

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